Cencora Ventures

AB Health Ventures is now Cencora Ventures

When we brought the companies and services of AmerisourceBergen together under our new name, Cencora, we also renamed our corporate venture fund to reflect our united identity.

We’re investing in innovative entrepreneurs, transforming the future of healthcare, and creating healthier futures for people and animals around the world.

Cencora Ventures, formerly known as AB Health Ventures, is a $150 million corporate venture fund that was originally started by AmerisourceBergen, prior to becoming Cencora in August 2023. The fund both invests and provides commercial support to emerging healthcare startup companies.
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AmerisourceBergen launches $150M Venture Capital Fund

AmerisourceBergen, a global healthcare solutions company, today announced the establishment of AB Health Ventures, a dedicated corporate venture capital fund that will invest in and partner with emerging healthcare startup companies working to transform healthcare for people and animals globally.