Who is Cencora?

Cencora is a leading global pharmaceutical solutions organization centered on improving the lives of people and animals around the world.
A business person wearing a burgundy sweater and holding a tablet with a pen sits at a desk across from a coworker, smiling and talking in their office.

Our purpose

We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

Our pursuit of this purpose is the reason we exist and the lens through which we evaluate everything we do. Success for our company happens when we help our partners and team members thrive.
A salesperson wearing a dark suit with a bright shirt talks to a pharmacist wearing a white coat at a local pharmacy.


  • Ranked #11 on the Fortune 500 with 1,300+ global office locations and a local presence in more than 50 countries
  • Over 46,000+ employees with expertise that spans the global health ecosystem
  • Diverse customer base including health systems, community providers, pharmacies, and veterinarians
  • Integrated relationships with manufacturers, from emerging biotech to large biopharma

Distribution network scale

U.S. distribution centers
Managed products
locations served across human and animal health
10 million+
patients served across human and animal health 
4 million+
products shipped daily
16 million+
deliveries made annually 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

Cencora is committed to building partnerships and operations that benefit society and the environment. We strive to foster a positive impact on people and our planet through three priorities that align with our solutions and values:
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Purpose-driven team members
We believe in putting people first as we work together to make the world a better place.
In a Cencora shipping facility, a green plastic bin holding boxes of medication moves through a shipping line.
Resilient and sustainable operations
We operate responsibly knowing that the health of people and animals is closely linked to the health of our planet.
A medical professional wearing blue scrubs sits beside a patient in a long-sleeved shirt, explaining the medication dosage.
Healthy communities for all
We are broadening access to quality healthcare and providing resources to ensure prescription drug safety.

About Cencora Ventures

Cencora Ventures, formerly known as AB Health Ventures, was founded in 2022 to support the growth of entrepreneurial businesses that will create healthier futures for people and animals around the world.

Cencora Ventures is closely integrated with Cencora, benefiting from the company’s deep expertise while leveraging their role in the pharmaceutical supply chain and expansive global network. Cencora has a dedicated internal team that can actively support portfolio companies and help them maintain scalability as they grow.

Value add to startups

We strive to be a good partner, leveraging our scale, resources, relationships, technical capabilities, and expertise to accelerate the growth of the companies we work with. Our value to startup companies includes:
  • Assisting with commercialization and distribution of products and services
  • Facilitating introductions to Cencora's customer base
  • Developing rapid prototypes or pilots with startups to quickly assess market potential
  • Providing access to Cencora team members that help facilitate and support commercial relationships
  • Leveraging additional industry and subject matter expertise within Cencora